Can Children Benefit from Probiotics Too? - Probiotics supplements for kids
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Can Children Benefit from Probiotics Too?

Probiotics are popping up everywhere today, and have become very popular, almost trendy, on social media, television, and health blogs. When we see these blog posts about probiotics, typically we only see an adult in the photo. But what about children, can they benefit from probiotics too?

It’s been shown over the course of years of microbiome research that a well-rounded microbiome is key in human health — not just for adults, but for children to achieve healthy growth too. Probiotics add another layer of good microorganisms to the existing beneficial bacteria in our body, for adults and children alike. How can they help your child? They can help relieve constipation, acid reflux, diarrhea, and gas. Studies have shown probiotics can also support a healthy immune system in children to protect from stomach infections. Probiotics are safe for kids, but before jumping into a probiotics regimen, we encourage you to discuss this with your child’s pediatrician.

Here is How Children Benefit by Taking Probiotics

If you are wary of your child taking a supplement, don’t worry! Probiotics are naturally found in quite a few foods. One of the best sources of probiotics is yogurt! Just make sure that the label says “live or active cultures” and check the sugar content. Some other foods that contain probiotics are sauerkraut, pickles, olives and soft cheeses.

When shopping around for a probiotic supplement for your child, opt for one that does not require refrigeration, which is more convenient so you can take them on the go, or on vacation. Also, look for one that is shelf-stable, to ensure that the probiotics are alive and viable through the expiration date listed on the bottle. For the best compliance, to ensure they take the probiotic everyday, it helps if they taste good or are at least easy to swallow.

Now that we know that children can in fact benefit from taking probiotics, make sure to introduce gut-healthy foods into your child’s diet, consider starting them on a probiotic supplement, and keep their microbiome healthy right from the start!




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Are probiotics safe for kids?

Check the product and its strains for specifics but generally speaking, yes!  Probiotics are safe, effective and often recommended for children due to their role in supporting the immune system, addressing skin issues and easing digestive woes associated with antibiotic usage.