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The microbiome is one of the body’s most complex and important systems. The articles provided here will help you understand your gut microbiome and the role that probiotics can play in not only your digestive health, but also your overall well being.

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All About Probiotics

Clear, concise and to the point articles to explain the what-why-how of probiotics

Digestive Health

More information on the importance of gut health and the role that probiotics play

Immune Health

70% of the body’s immune cells reside in the gut. Find out how probiotics can help to keep them strong.


Why do we need prebiotics? Learn more about their role with probiotics here.

Whole Body Health

The benefits of probiotics go well beyond digestion to support whole body wellness

Allergy, Cold, & Flu

Explore how probiotics may help to prevent or lessen the effects of seasonal respiratory symptoms

Probiotics In the News

Extra! Extra! Catch up on top probiotic headlines here.

Our near constant access to news is supposed to make it easier to stay informed, but it’s also made it easier than ever for stories and updates to fly under the radar. Tune out the white noise and catch up with the latest probiotic news, right here.

Is Soil the Answer?

Probiotics In The News
The Soil Science Society of America recently launched a campaign for soil-friendly eating in an...

Strains Matter

Probiotics In The News
When probiotics first arrived on the scene, advertising stressed their ability to help maintain “regularity.”...

The American diet can compromise the microbiome.

Probiotics In The News
New research shows that immigrants from Southeast Asia lose their gut microbiome diversity almost immediately...


It’s easy to assume that you only need to take probiotics when you’re feeling out of balance (i.e. when you’re overly stressed, you’ve just finished a round of antibiotics or you’re feeling run down). However, we recommend daily probiotic and prebiotic supplementation (and loading up on probiotic-rich foods) in order to keep your gut bacteria healthy ahead of any issues that arise and to support long-term health overall.

Want to get the most out of your supplement? Some research shows that probiotic survival was best when taken 30 minutes before or with foods or beverages that had fat content. The time of day isn’t as relevant as making sure you’re consuming your probiotic supplement with food.

Check the product and its strains for specifics but generally speaking, yes!  Probiotics are safe, effective and often recommended for children due to their role in supporting the immune system, addressing skin issues and easing digestive woes associated with antibiotic usage.

While probiotics are generally considered to be safe, you may experience some symptoms such as mild upset stomach, diarrhea or flatulence and bloating, when you first start taking supplements or increasing your intake of probiotic-rich foods. These symptoms should pass after a few days once your body gets used to the new regimen.

Taking a probiotic with an antibiotic has become so mainstream that it was published as a recommendation for practitioners in the Journal of Family Practice. The reason is rather intuitive: Antibiotics kill off the bad bacteria, but also much of the gut’s good bacteria in the process. This can lead to an off-kilter digestive tract, making probiotics highly beneficial in addressing antibiotic tummy-related troubles. However, we also recommend being consistent with your probiotic supplementation rather than just doing antibiotic “damage control.”

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Find the Probiotic for you

Learn more about probiotics and what they can do for you and your family.
Get personalized information and options here.

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