Diversity Matters in Microbiota - Probiotics

Diversity Matters in Microbiota

Source: International Probiotics Association

Diversity enriches our global ecosystems. It appears to be no different for many sites of the human body hosting microbial populations — albeit with at least one striking exception. For example, vaginal microbiota is distinct in that greater bacterial diversity is seen in women with bacterial vaginosis, which goes against the assumption that higher diversity is always better. Therefore, appraisal of the merits of diversity must be considered in context of the setting; a microbial stew may include a mix of probiotics, commensals and pathogens…it is all about balance.

That said, researchers in the last several decades observed loss of microbial diversity (LOMD) in numerous disorders and diseases.

Although the means by which LOMD is linked to these diseases are complicated, restoring optimum microbial diversity with prebiotic and/or probiotic foods and supplements may have a role in prevention and possibly treatments of these often intractable problems.

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