Yogurt and the Gut Barrier: A New Link? - Probiotics

Yogurt and the Gut Barrier: A New Link?

Source: International Probiotics Association

Yogurt, a fermented dairy product, supplies ample protein, calcium, vitamins and live microbes. A recent IPA blog described yogurt as a nutritional powerhouse  with an extra benefit for those with lactose intolerance since yogurt bacteria can increase lactase breakdown of the milk sugar in the intestine and help reduce symptoms from lactose maldigestion.

Such a recipe suggests considerable health benefits. For example, it’s true that evidence, mostly epidemiological, link yogurt consumption to some protection against type 2 diabetes. Yet the mechanisms for this benefit are poorly understood.

Now, a new study led by Xuehong Zhang at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health explored the association between yogurt consumption and concentrations of protein called plasma soluble sCD14, a promising candidate marker of gut barrier dysfunction.

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