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Find a probiotic that fits your needs.

Finding the right probiotic means considering more than CFU counts. Choose a probiotic with strains that are diverse, compatible and able to survive stomach acid, to encourage implantation and rapid replication in your gut.

Kyo-Dophilus Probiotics are formulated to support healthy digestive and immune systems.* Our probiotics deliver efficacy, quality and extended live cell viability, without refrigeration.

We offer a variety of formulas and potencies made with clinically proven strains to help meet your specific health needs.

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Pro+ Synbiotic

Intestinal Balance and Support*

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Max Probiotic

Maximum Reinforcement for Gut Health*

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Fifty+ Probiotic

Restore, balance and support gut health*

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Multi 9 Probiotic

Strong gut health balance and support*

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Kids Probiotic

Promotes Regularity and Immune Health*

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Enzyme+ Probiotic

Nutrient Digestion and Gut Health *

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Cran+ Probiotic

Urinary Tract and Bladder Health*

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Daily Probiotic

Immune health and digestive support*

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Products Reviews

Keeps My Gut Health in Check

Product: Pro+ Synbiotic

Joy - CA

I like to stash a box of Kyo-Dophilus Pro+ at my desk so I can reach for it daily to keep my gut health in check. It has nine strains…

Changed My Life

Product: Multi 9 Probiotic

Mary - NY

Since the birth of my son 23 years ago, I suffered from digestive problems caused by an overload of antibiotics prescribed to cure c-difficile, which I picked up in the…

Kids Probiotic is a Winner

Product: Kids Probiotic

Saarah - CA

Finally, a kids probiotic that has multiple strains that target different parts of the GI tract. It's so important that kids have these options which allows for a stronger immune…

My Favorite Supplement

Product: Multi 9 Probiotic

Natalie - CA

I’ve been taking this probiotic (Multi 9) for a month and I love it!!!! I’m vegan and there is no secret that the veganism comes with this slightly negative side…

Gut Magic! El Mejor que hay!

Product: Daily Probiotic

Oscar - TX

I have used Kyo-Dophilus Daily probiotics for my 11 year old daughter for over 10 years. She suffers from a seizure disorder, and she is doing exceptionally well thanks to…

We’re Happy to Have a Solution!

Product: Kids Probiotic

Moms Meet Review

We have seen fewer incidents of constipation in our home. My daughter loves the taste of the Kyo-Dophilus® Kids Probiotic tablets. She thinks they taste like yummy vanilla marshmallows. We…

Smell and Taste Just Like Vanilla!

Product: Kids Probiotic

L. Bowers

I love taking probiotics. I feel the difference when they are not a part of my daily routine. I like that this company has various products for the entire family…

Easy for Kids to Take!

Product: Kids Probiotic


Helping my child keep her gut healthy is really important because it can cause so many health concerns. I love that they are chewable and easy for kids to take…

A Probiotic My Kids Actually WANT to Take

Product: Kids Probiotic

J. LeBrun

I was really surprised at how good it smelled when I opened the bottle. My son was so excited as soon as he tasted it. He said it tasted like…

My Daughter Hasn’t Been Sick in 6 weeks Now!

Product: Kids Probiotic


When my daughter started getting sick literally every other week for five months, our doctor recommended putting her on a probiotic. We used the Kids Probiotic, and she liked both…



What can probiotics do for your health?

Your gut comprises about 70% of your immune system and is critical for brain function, to balance body chemistry, and for converting nutrients into a usable form the body can absorb. When your microflora (gut bacteria) is imbalanced, your health suffers. Probiotics are important for replenishing and restoring microfloral balance. Probiotics are live microorganisms that are believed to be good for overall health, and specifically for digestive health. To help alleviate the symptoms and conditions that harmful bacteria can cause, we need to maintain our beneficial bacteria. Known as ‘friendly’ or beneficial bacteria, probiotics produce a variety of compounds, including natural lactic acids that help to inhibit the growth of the harmful bacteria, thereby preventing them from gaining a foothold and causing illness. Probiotics can be found naturally in some foods, in fermented drinks, and in supplements.


How many CFU do I need in my probiotics?

Typical dosages vary based on the product, but common dosages range from 1 to 10 billion CFUs per day for children and from 3 to 20 billion CFUs per day for adults.


Are probiotics safe for kids?

Check the product and its strains for specifics but generally speaking, yes!  Probiotics are safe, effective and often recommended for children due to their role in supporting the immune system, addressing skin issues and easing digestive woes associated with antibiotic usage.


Is it normal to have some gas and bloating when first taking probiotics?

While probiotics are generally considered to be safe, you may experience some symptoms such as mild upset stomach, diarrhea or flatulence and bloating, when you first start taking supplements or increase your intake of probiotic-rich foods. These symptoms should pass after a few days once your body gets used to the new regimen.