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Your Gut Microbiome Is As Unique As You Are

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The Microbiome

The microbiome is one of the body’s most complex and important systems. This site is dedicated to helping you understand your gut microbiome and the role that probiotics can play in not only your digestive health, but also your overall well being.

  • How the microbiome functions

  • What probiotics can do for your health

  • The latest research on digestive wellness

  • How to find a probiotic that is right for you

  • Which strains provide functional benefits


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Not necessarily. Some probiotics are ‘shelf-stable’ and do not need to be refrigerated. But many probiotics do require refrigeration. Just be aware that refrigeration does not ensure that the refrigerated probiotic contains the amount of live bacteria listed on the bottles when you consume the supplements. If the labels says (usually in small print on the back of the box or bottle) “at the time of manufacture,” it means that there were “X amount” of live bacteria in each capsule when it was bottled — but that amount is not guaranteed at the time you consume it. Refrigeration may also create moisture, which can get inside the bottle and activate the bacteria. This makes the probiotic less potent over time.

Because of the unique and proprietary processing methods used in the manufacture of
Kyo-Dophilus® Probiotics, the bacteria are stable at room temperature and therefore do not require refrigeration. Kyo-Dophilus selected bacteria strains are dormant and do not become active until they are introduced to moisture, as when consumed with a meal or liquid. We guarantee that “at the time of expiry (or consumption),” you are getting the bacteria count (CFU) that is stated on the label.

CFU stands for Colony Forming Units and is the amount of viable, live bacteria that are capable of dividing and forming colonies. “CFU” is used to show how many bacteria are formulated in each probiotic serving, as stated on the label. CFU counts are generally stated in billions.

How many CFU do I need in my probiotics?

That’s the billion dollar question! Check back for more information on this when this site is fully live.

Your gut comprises about 70% of your immune system and is critical for brain function, to balance body chemistry, and for converting nutrients into a usable form the body can absorb. When your microflora (gut bacteria) is imbalanced, your health suffers. Probiotics are important for replenishing and restoring microfloral balance.   

Probiotics are live microorganisms that are believed to be good for overall health, and specifically for digestive health. To help alleviate the symptoms and conditions that harmful bacteria can cause, we need to maintain our beneficial bacteria. Known as ‘friendly’ or beneficial bacteria, probiotics produce a variety of compounds, including natural lactic acids that help to inhibit the growth of the harmful bacteria, thereby preventing them from gaining a foothold and causing illness. Probiotics can be found naturally in some foods, in fermented drinks, and in supplements.


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